Farlin Single Electric Breast Pump


Kick-start your breastfeeding journey with less discomfort and more feed for little ones!

2-in-1 Electric & Manual Pumping: Farlin Single Breast Pump offers 2 types of pumping – Electric and manual to give moms the option to choose according to their comfort. With its ergonomic handle, moms can take control of their pump intensity.

Comfortable for Moms: SoftFit Pad has a soft, flexible rim that is soft on mom’s skin while maintaining a good seal for optimal suction.

Quiet and Portable for Everyday Use: This lightweight, quiet pump has multiple power options ? AAA Batteries and a mini USB charging cable ? giving you the flexibility and discretion to pump wherever your day takes you.

Adjustable Massage & Expression Levels: Farlin Electrical Breast Pump stimulates the mom’s breast to help with better lactation. This portable breast pump has 5 suction levels to draw the milk, allowing moms to feel the ultimate comfortable pumping experience.

Discreet and Easy to Assemble: Our Electric Breast Pump is quiet as a whisper which doesn’t disturb little ones when pumping during a nap or bedtime and it also protects your privacy instead of letting your fellow folks know that you are pumping. The split design is easy to clean and disinfect and rejects the bacteria residue to ensure the baby’s health.

Hygienic Closed System: The Air System design separates the milk and air to ensure milk hygiene and maximize pump performance. It prevents milk from spilling and is suitable for mothers of all types of breast shapes.

LED Indicators: Easy-to-read suction levels that allow moms to confirm the current suction level


Pump Accessories Included:
1X Pump Head
1X Vaccum Seal
1X Diaphragm Stem
1X Ring
1X Diaphragm
1X Connector
3X Horns
3X SoftFit Pads (Small, Medium & Large)
3X Air Valves
1X Handle
1X Nipple
1X Bottle Cap
1X Bottle Screw
1X Wide Neck PA Feeding Bottle
1X Multi-Purpose Storage Cap
1X Vaccum Tube
1X Micro-USB Supported
1X Breast Pump Main Unit

Additional items: 2X Disposable Breast Pads
Style: Single – Electric & Manual Pump

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