Farlin Breast Milk Saver Pump


Catch every little drop of your bonus Milk!

Flexible & Comfortable Flange: With Farlin Breast Milk Saver Pump, you have got nothing to sweat about! Our pump has a wide flange that perfectly fits all sizes and shapes of breasts.

Easy-to-Pour Groove Design: Pour milk without any messes or spills! Farlin Breast Milk Saver Pump has a special groove to ensure the feed is transferred into storage bags or bottles without creating a mess.

Press & Express: Farlin Milk Saver Pump is lightweight, portable, and perfect for mommies, Its silicone body allows you to express milk using the power of natural suction! Simply squeeze, attach it to your breast, and let it work its magic.

Clear Measurement and Suction Base: The easy-to-read measurements allow you to monitor milk flow and the handy suction base sticks securely to flat surfaces to prevent accidental spills

Catches Bonus Milk: Perfect for nursing moms that’ll save them more feed and escape the leak mess. Just attach it to your breast, and let it catch the bonus milk.


Style: Single – Manual

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