Farlin Silicone Nipple Sheild – 2 Pcs


Solves Latching Issues: Flat or inverted nipples, overactive letdowns, sore nipples ? the one-of-a-kind Farlin Nipple Shields helps breastfeeding moms with many kinds of latch-on issues.

Soft on Skin: The material of the nipple shield is super soft, 100% silicone is gentle on your skin.

Made for Natural Feeding: Ultra-thin shield feels more natural, with a cut-out to maximize skin-to-skin contact.

Unique Design Prevents Pooling: Its holes ensure the nipple shield is more anatomically correct to help prevent pooling milk.

Storage Case: Store, protect, and dry your nipple shields after each use


Quantity: 2 pcs
Material: Silicone