Farlin Silicone Nipples (Pk-2)


Say Goodbye to Colic & Discomfort!

Anti-Colic Nipple: lengthened air valve design on the base of the nipple prevents colic and allows a constant flow of feed with less ingestion of air; designed for tiny tummies.

Unique Nipple Design: The natural shape of the nipple is designed to engage your baby’s full mouth and provides a resting area for your baby’s lips to properly latch. Specially designed to reduce fur on the tongue.

Natural & Gentle Slope: allows the baby’s lips to maintain a wide latch without getting tired or slipping to the tip, similar to how a baby would latch at the breast.

Just-Right Nipple Length: Farlin Silicone Wide Neck Nipples are just the right length to help stimulate the baby’s soft palate which triggers their natural sucking reflex without causing them to gag or choke.


Material: Silicone