Farlin Wide-Neck Glass Feeding Bottle 120ml – Pink


The most natural way to bottle-feed your little munchkin!

Less Colic, More Nourishment: Provides a consistent flow that allows babies to feed at their own pace. Ideal for reducing colic, spit-up, burping, and gas, resulting in a more comfortable feeding experience for the baby.

High-Temperature Durability: Resists 600?C, and up to 150?C temperature change.
High-Quality Glass Body: Made from top-quality glass material which is non-toxic, boilable, and dishwasher-safe.

Anti-Colic System: Air valve design on the base of the nipple which allows a constant flow of feed with less ingestion of air; designed for tiny tummies.

Soft Silky Nipple: Durable and ultra-soft nipple that provides a natural feel to babies, makes latching easier and prevents colic.

Convenient: Wide-neck feeding bottle makes it easier to load formula milk and is convenient for washing clean.

Ingenious Cap Design: Ensures the milk doesn’t flow out when moving or shaking the bottle.
BPA-free material makes it safer and healthier for babies


Bottle capacity: 120ml
Teat size: S, Round holes
Recommended for: 0+ months
Sterilization Method: Boiling, Steam & Microwaveable

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