Farlin Maternity Belt


Make the most of your pregnancy with the ultimate support!

Comfortable & Breathable: Farlin Maternity Belt provides sufficient compression on the belly to make mom-to-be feel secure and supported.

Eases Pregnancy Pains: Designed to provide gentle compression around your hips. Farlin Maternity Belt also helps in correcting posture.

Premium Support: Farlin Maternity Belt gives great support and offers relief from hip, pelvic, and back pain during your entire pregnancy

Fully Adjustable: Accommodates abdominal growth throughout the pregnancy. Ideal fit for to-be-moms with an adjustable belly band

Helps Postures: Supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining back. Ideally helps the postures of mom-to-be and in supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy.


Belt Shape: Cross-Shape Maternity Belt
Color: Skin Color